Solar-Powered Kit - Silver (Pigeon)

Eagle Eye is a population reduction system, especially when used with other proofing and dispersal techniques. The Eagle Eye units reflect sunlight in visible and UV spectrum via a tri metal coated rotating prism (requires a bi annual maintenance clean). The birds become irritated by the reflective light coming from the Eagle Eye and disperse. There are two fixings used to fix Eagle Eye to the substrate; the flat base plate for flat surfaces and the triangular ridge bracket. Eagle Eye kits are supplied with a flat base plate. The triangular ridge bracket is available as an optional extra. There are also two support bracket options for the Eagle Eye; straight or a corner bracket, that are both supplied as standard in the kit.
  • See installation guidelines for placement
  • The solar powered Eagle Eye has a 12v battery back up and will require at least one annual recharge
  • An LED light can also be used to help in darker areas to create artificial light (Code: EELED)
  • The Eagle Eye needs at least an annual clean.
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